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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still Life Process

17 January 2013

The beginning of a still life painting. To start off, place the canvas on the easel at eye level and Gesso the canvas....whatever that stuff is. The still-life, the canvas, and the paint must all be in front of you so that the body does not have to turn away. Lightly cover the whole canvas with mineral spirits and burnt sienna. By using a view finder, map out the still-life. Always step away from the painting every once in a while.

22 January 2013

Continue mapping out the painting. Use paintbrush to determine angles and spacing. Required elements that must be included in the painting: the books, glass, and stripes. It is okay to change the composition.

24 January 2013
Start blocking in color. To make black use the darkest red, the darkest blue, and the lightest yellow. In this case, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and cadmium yellow. To neutralize colors, add the opposite color on the color wheel. Red - green, blue - orange, violet - yellow. Oh, and hold the brush in a funky way.

29 January 2013-19 February 2013

Continue adding color. Focus on one object at a time. Paint the shadows before the light, such as when painting the striped cloth. Add the light reflections and finish any details. Change anything that does not look right. Also, endlessly struggle with that dang box. 

Finished Piece:

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